LOCATED:   3365 RIDGE RD     LANSING,IL.   60438

Overall Body & Fitness specializes in providing you with a great ONE ON ONE workout without the crowd.  We provide you with knowledgeable trainers that create a customized workout according to your fitness goals.

Conventional and unconventional training is what we use to maximize your results.  Overall Body & Fitness uses a variety of tools to accomplish these goals.  Whether its strength  and agility training, the use of bosu or stability balls to strength your core or interval training, our Certified Trainers will create a plan that works for you!

Our facility has a variety of equipment for you to use during your training sessions including:

  • Bosu & Medicine Balls
  • Cardio Machines
  • Free Weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Weight Equipment

Our personal trainers guide you through your workouts with helpful tips.  You’re working ONE-ON-ONE without the crowd, without loud music and without “that guy” that grunts & yells while working out.FREE WATER & TOWELS


As with any fitness program, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or physician prior to beginning any exercise program.  The team at Overall Body & Fitness are not physicians and their advice does not replace that of a trained, licensed medical professional.

Overall Body & Fitness …The Total Package