Overall Body & Fitness offers a variety of services to help you reach your fitness goals. Our services include:


Our personal training sessions offer our clients 1-on-1 attention.  Let our knowledgeable trainers create a fitness session that caters to your specific needs and goals.  At Overall Body & Fitness, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to designing fitness plans.  If you’re looking for variety and a good workout, give us a chance.   We offer 30- & 60-minute sessions. Sessions must be used within 90 days of purchase.


Special Packages

Stop Making Excuses! Overall Body & Fitness’s 6-week challenge can help you lose 6-8 lbs. and lose those unwanted inches. Ladies and gentlemen, you have to live life and not just live, it’s not too late to achieve the look and health you desire and need.  Do you have high blood pressure?  Is your cholesterol too high or borderline?  We can help you. You only have one life to live so let’s live it. Included with both our 6 week challenge package is a MEAL PLAN & 6 EMAIL WORKOUTS.

Meal Plans

Personal training and working out is only one of the ingredients needed for success.  The old adage says “you can’t out train a bad diet.”  At Overall Body & Fitness, we offer individualized meal plans to help our clients reach their holistic fitness goals.  Let our trainers prepare a plan for you!

 Emailed Workouts

The email workout is designed to assist you to reach your goal outside of OBF…it will consist of a routine that will vary from 45-55min considering your rest in between sets etc..

Pricing is per person and subject to change without notice.


As with any fitness program, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or physician prior to beginning any exercise program.  The team at Overall Body & Fitness are not physicians and their advice does not replace that of a trained, licensed medical professional.